The only thing I want from Apple Watch Series 7 is a longer battery life.

I’m sure they’ll pack in more health stuff, great. Maybe a better screen or whatever. But I’ve grown to care less about that stuff while battery life has been stuck at “18 hours.”

I’m starting to get 11-inch iPad Pro-curious. I love my 12-inch Pro, but it can be cumbersome in some situations.

I wish Apple Stores offered test drives. Maybe an option to rent one for a couple days.

Have you ever thought about how there is nothing in the world or the universe that says today is Monday?

A long time ago, everyone just agreed “yeah, sure. Today is X.” And we’ve all just gone with it since.

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Cancelling Amazon Prime. I no longer want to support such an exploitative parasite of a company.

It’s also lost a lot of edge in terms of free/fast shipping since tons of competitors either match or are close enough now.

Finally got another Finer Tech newsletter out this past weekend. I’ve been struggling to write for a while, and this lockdown only made it worse. I hate this.

This is your infrequent reminder that Scroll is a sort of Netflix for reading on the web and I really hope it takes off because this feels like a good solution to zillions of paywalls and logins. I like it.

Hey, remember when Zoom abused app permissions to install an always-on background web server on your computer for no good reason? And now it’s sending all your data to Facebook even if you don’t have an account.

Maybe we need an alternative vid conferencing app.