Replaced my iPad Pro under AppleCare, did an iCloud restore on the new one at home. First time in a while I skipped the Apple Pay setup, and wow was that a mistake.

I’m disappointed at how aggressive and how often iOS bugs me to set up Apple Pay. It’s off putting. Ew.

The Apple TV app on Apple TV (yes this naming scheme is dumb) takes way too long to resume a film or tv show.

“How to survive remote work during the winter”

Get comfortable pajamas. Er, excuse me: “loungewear.”

Last year I switched to Raindrop for my bookmarks. It’s quite flexible, supports multi-word tags, has a good iOS app, and has lots of little touches I like. 👍🏻👍🏻

A question about the Apple TV and how it syncs your Up Next list. Does it use the current user’s iCloud account or App Store account?

TIL Henry Cavill not only did all his own stunts in The Witcher, but always played himself on screen.

Even when it was just a hand coming out of a doorway to grab someone, that wasn’t a stand-in. It was Cavill.

Also, he got to design his own sword.…

“Next Star Wars film set to take place hundreds of years before the Skywalker saga”

So help me, if they find a way to shoehorn a ‘Skywalker’ into that film I’ll…. launch a petition? Maybe?

I watch a lot of YouTube now (yes, I pay for YouTube Premium). Many gaming channels, educational stuff like Vox and Wisecrack, some tech, some plain entertainment.

One benefit I just realized is few, if any, title sequences. Maybe a quick logo bumper. Videos usually just start.

“The guy on the bottom never gets enough credit.”

  • Jessi while watching our local news broadcast of a male burlesque 2020 celebration 😄

Hot take? I really like the Apple TV Siri Remote. It has some drawbacks but, to me, the advantages are well worth it over traditional remotes.

Hi, internet retailers, organizations, and all sites people can register for.

.com, .net, and .org haven’t been the only options for email addresses for over a decade.

Please stop telling me my address isn’t valid. Please get your tech with the times.

Good news, everyone. Finer Tech Newsletter # 60 goes out tomorrow morning!

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I hoped that Apple TV gaining multi-user support would mean different app layouts. But it seems to just change a few Apple-specific features, like which Apple Music library is available and what’s in Up Next.

Or am I missing something?