‪Can we all agree that the iPhone X/XS display is not “edge to edge?” Cuz there’s a big ol’ bezel around it.‬

I started working with a new client recently, Draftbit. It’s a browser-based, drag and drop mobile app design tool.

I know they aren’t the first or only, but it’s an intriguing concept. They’re very early on, the 1.0 isn’t finished yet. But I’m curious to hear y’all’s thoughts.

Lil Dicky: Earth - Official Music Video

A few lines are NSFW. But this made me happy.

If you aren’t familiar with Lil Dicky, he’s kind of the Weird Al of rap. Except I don’t think he does parody covers, more just self-aware (and critical of the industry) humor and now activism.

I can’t decide which Oscar photo I like more: the vibrant or vintage (there are two photos in this #PixelFed post). What about you? Best part is: he farted in his sleep while I edited these (in Darkroom for iOS, FWIW).

#dog #dogs #sleeping #edited

“What was the point of developing opposable thumbs just to snap pictures of our heads, post them on the internet, and wait for validation??”

This story from a comedian, er puppet, buying a bookshelf is glorious.


Could someone please endorse me on LinkedIn for “Has become quite adept at tapping Apple Watch complications with his nose. And I don’t just mean that big circle activity button on the Activity Analog face, oh no. I mean any of the 8 complications on the Infographic face!”

Brother asked me a question today, we could use more feedback: for folks who have owned more than one iPhone and usually longer than a year, how soon do you feel you start noticing the battery isn’t performing as well as it used to?

Just realized that all of my key devices went USB-C in a surprisingly short amount of time: iPad Pro 2018, MBP Touch Bar, and Switch.

The only holdout is my iPhone (XS Max), and I guess AirPods are an honorable mention.

I really, really hope Apple brings the USB-C this year.

At this point, I believe the YouTube app should be banned from the App Store until they add true iOS Picture in Picture support.

(yes, you can PiP within the YouTube app. But you can’t pop video out of the app. No, not even if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, which I am)

I want to doubt this rumor about Apple wanting 50% from publishers on a subscription news service.

50% seems ludicrous and a bridge way too far. It especially seems tone deaf in a market where major players are starting to push back against even 30%.

🚨 Looking for contract or p/t work 📝

Hey folks, I’m looking for one or two more remote contract or p/t projects, either short term or ongoing.

I specialize in tech and distilling complex stuff for regular folks, and I have experience writing for myriad voices and audiences.

My biggest client is in Italy/Ireland (Bear, it’s a notes app), and we have a Slack. Yesterday I changed my weather app’s units to Celsius so I could send them a screenshot.

Chicago’s Sat forecast is 40º Fahrenheit, which will hopefully chase off this polar vortex.