There are many skins for Skaarf in #VaingloryGame, but the rainbow skin is mine.

(I mean. You can craft or buy it too. But this one is still mine!)



I have become quite thankful for YouTube channels that do cinematic compilations of video game cutscenes and stories.

Some #VideoGames have fantastic storytelling these days, occasionally better than most films. First-class voice acting, too.

These videos are like cliff notes to games I want to play but can never get to. They also help me enjoy or re-live some games with Jessi. 👍🏻👍🏻

Revue just sent me a neat list of the most popular/clicked links from my newsletter for 2018. This is cool.

I use Revue to power the Finer Tech Newsletter (bite-sized tips to help you get more out of your apps and Apple devices). I also include a handful of non-news good reads in each issue. These were the most popular.

You can also subscribe for free at the bottom.

#technology #newsletters

I miss funny ringtones and sounds.

Everybody stand back.

I’m going to experiment with UNMUTING MY PHONE 😱, but keeping the ringer low.

My default text sound is a Jawa saying “utini!” It’s great. 😄

Did turn on auto-posting to Twitter? Pretty sure I didn’t. And I sure as hell don’t want auto-posting to that Nazi hellscape enabled.

‪Over the last few weeks, Apple has responded ‬to four bugs I reported. One pre-betas, two from iPad beta, one from iPhone beta.

I’m not qualified to discuss what’s different about my bug reports but… Apple does respond. At least sometimes.

Wow. Discord is going after Steam with its own game store and game-related perks for Nitro users (people who pay to unlock extra perks).

Also: Discord now has over 150 million users.

This is great to see. I wish more communities used Discord instead of Slack.

And then this one time. I unlocked my bike. Next to a trash can. I had trash in my hand along with my bike key. I threw out the trash. But also the bike key. And I heard the plop plop plop as the key spelunked down to the bottom of the garbage.

I did not get the key back.

Ok, I just learned has a free account option. I didn’t realize it was tied to using your own blog somewhere else.

However, I feel like this isn’t explained well during signup. What services are supported? How do we get started wiring it up?